Checkout Best Almaty Tour Packages

It will be one of the best decisions of your life; if you choose Almaty tour package as an adventure destination. But first question is why Almaty package. There are couple of reasons to choose this city which we can say a connectivity wire between Asia and Europe. Firstly, Almaty never comes under cliché places where most of the people up to these days. This city has its own charm which draws the attention of people towards it. It all began with Almaty Tour Package from Delhi, first you will be received at Almaty airport. Check-in to the hotel for refreshment and start exploring beautiful city. The first eye catching place or we can say nature serenity at its best is Kok-Tobe Mountain which is the highest point of the city. 

You will surely perceive very calming and adventurous vibes at the same time. The Kok Tobe also have numbers of amusement park and restaurants for delicious food and good going view.

Almaty portrays best of art and culture at the same time. There is one memorial which represent that city’s history and heritage. But just in case if you really want to explore top view of Almaty city then there is Kob-tobe hill where you can look from the sky and enjoy the cable car ride session with your family, friends or loved ones.

Even if you are looking for Solo trip, this is the place; which will surely take your breath away. There is one of the best options for your Instagram feed! That is First president’s park which is famous for programs such as music concerts, arena as theater or you may choose very simplest option to walk, sit or click some picture, seriously because this place is surrounded by mountains and beds of flowers which can simply give complex to people after watching your feed. Almaty tour package not only consist of serene view but also have amazing option for best night out ever! make sure you visit Chukotka! there are bunch of performance from rock bands to DJs and one big think that is live performances which you will never forget. This is the place where you can hangout with friends and yes, it is worth to visit.

For shopaholics here is an amazing market; Green Bazaar which is one stop for all items from fresh herbs and different types of ingredients to get wholesome variety of local foods, you may love the aroma of this place which is full of best items and good people.

Your journey from Delhi to Almaty will be full of adventures & surprises. Yes, there are very few places which offers you calmness and such venturous rush at same time. Whole Almaty package can give you the wholesome feeling of actual fun and positive vibes. In Almaty, adventure awaits you. For best deals and offers checkout; best CIS travel agency in India, arranging Eurasia tours since years, where you will get customized tour packages, group tours, FIT tours and much more.