Do You Really Think That Tbilisi Has Something Different

One of the largest cities in Georgia Tbilisi remained on number one as the top tourist attraction in Georgia. One thing traveling taught me is that when you start travel, do think about securing your trip. Why I am telling you about being safe, the reason behind is, the cities that comes under the category of the most famous tourist places, also famous for pickpockets! See you don’t have to worry much but make yourself aware of the current atmosphere is the best part of being a traveler. I was in Tbilisi for five days and enjoyed most of the time in continuous traveling, photography and video shoot. But why so much of continuous travel in Tbilisi?  You guys have no clue how much this city has to offer you as a tourist. 

1.    A place which is more than 5th century old is still rustic, Quite and mesmerizing because of its natural beauty. You can see big houses and churches on every corner of Georgia. To discover the best of the city, first a mini-city tour is required to know which place could become your favorite one at the beginning of your trip. What you don’t believe in love at first sight on a trip. But you should know how that favorite place can help you out to be the best place you been. On my Tbilisi tour at the very first day, I picked a mini- sightseeing for Tbilisi old town, and later end up with so many options that my mind goes nuts!

2.    In small-town you will find a small family guesthouse, some art-house and local bars. But my favorite one was sitting on a small bridge in the old town in Tbilisi. There is the option of the cable car ride in Tbilisi to catch the glimpse of the old town of Tbilisi. Some of the restored places of this old town are best.

3.    Then on second number Sulphur baths. This is related to the historic beauty regime. Sulfur Baths are also located in the old town of Tbilisi; actually, it’s in the middle of the old town. Here you may sit and relax at least for an hour. This place is best in the winter season because it has some warm healing properties which heals the body faster. This is the most visited place in the Tbilisi. The option of a private sauna is also available here. I sum up here on my second day. 

4.    On my third day, I was in Holy Trinity Cathedral which also comes under most visited places. To be honest there were plenty of churches in Tbilisi, but I suggest you visit this church, trust me just like I was stunned by its architecture and grand structure you will also get surprised. This place has some vintage vibes and positive surroundings that your heart never wants to leave this place. 

5.    I love Instagram application the most because here you can tell stories through your photos. These days having a solo shot on the mountain with a view of the whole place or city is trending on the internet. As a traveler, you should know how tough it is to find a place like this, even for a perfect picture. So I went to Mtatsminda Park, one of the best places to hangout. For couples, it’s the best place to enjoy, this parklet, is not just a park! It has a Paris wheel, dinosaur park, TV. Tower and some abstract attractions. This place also has bars and restaurants to eat some of the best food in while on Tbilisi tour.

6.    Food was my main concern during the trip because I am vegetarian, so is Georgian cuisine. In Georgia now you can easily find some newly opened vegan restaurants and cafes. But not in whole Georgia, because people of Georgia usually take meat and cheese in their daily intake of food. They have food which also includes egg in between them, mostly the York part. There is a dish called Khinkali, which looks like Momos but it’s big and usually stuffed with meat. For vegetarians, they stuffed it with mushrooms and potatoes. I have enjoyed every single bite of it. It was so yummy and light to eat for dinner.

7.    Here I have mentioned the whole city view in my blog, yes, it's available in Tbilisi. Let me tell you from where you can enjoy it the most. From the Mother Georgia statue, you can take a cable car ride, which is cheap to travel in and can look up to the best view of Old Town of Tbilisi.

8.    Some local tangy treats are a special addition to this trip. I have always encouraged myself to try out things that I have never tried before. I tried some of the best local candies and sweets in Tbilisi, yes! Yes! I have purchased it too. But you know what the best part is? I still can’t forget that taste. They prepared these candies from real fruit juices like orange, apples, strawberries, etc. that is why I indulge myself there.

9.    As we are living in a modern era, so terms of living have also changed. How can tourist spots like Tbilisi stay below to turn up your night into a party night? Eastern Europe tour is famous for its decent yet one of the elite clubbing cultures you ever had. They have everything from clubs to party pubs and even classy jazz houses for people who have different tastes in music. The best part is beer is cheap here, which attracts most tourists at once. You can enjoy the best nightlife in Tbilisi.

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