Does Georgia Beat Other Parts of Eurasia in Terms of Beauty

Life is busy, crazy, hazy and sometimes sound like a daisy. But that daisy-like brightness is hard to catch in a maniac working schedule. To make moments easy, we reach the best antidote possible like family, friends, pets, calmness, hobbies, holidays, travel, etc. The main motive is to make yourself happy or at least engage in a task that you love to be part of for a while. All the things mentioned here can be gathered or done while traveling also. Why I mentioned traveling here is to consider that these days maintaining right balance between work and life is very important and traveling is the best way to overcome all your tension. There are specific countries that provide you the ultimate calm that you have been looking for. Georgia is one of the best countries of Eurasia, offering you a mini world filled with beautiful sights, amazing streets, hospitable locals, pleasant tour and cuisine seasoned with love.

Georgia is the Best Gift of Nature

The spectacular Georgian mountains looks like a live scenery of nature. When people book their Georgia tour package, they just want to explore nature’s ultimate set up here. Tbilisi which is the capital of Georgia never fails as a destination to surprise tourists who comes all around the world to explore Georgia. There are Cathedrals and Monastery located on the hilltop, giving you a breathtaking view of the whole city from the above. Svetitskhoveli Cathedrals which comes under UNESCO’s World Heritage site, is a very famous Church because Jesus’s robe was buried here which makes this place more worthy to visit. Another eye-catching place is Jvari Monastery which is 6th century old, and a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. It is located on the top of the Jvari mount which crosses rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi. Exploring this makes your   unforgettable one.

The Impressive Streets of Georgia

Streets of Georgia are very appealing, on one side you can enjoy the show of puppets at the famous clock tower in Tbilisi and on other side just enjoy an amazing evening at the Peace bridge. Peace bridge comes under one the most attracted places of Georgia. A bridge illuminated with LED lights which starts to spark its lightning in the evening. People of Georgia are very friendly and mannered and will help you if you ask for it. Nearby cafes and restaurants remain packed with locals and visitors and you can hear many of them sharing their travel stories. You should pick a day from your Georgia tour and checkout streets of Georgia and nearby parks which are amazing and refreshing at the same time.

What to Eat in Georgia?

While on Georgia tour, one should try khinkali which is one of the famous dishes of Georgia, a Dumpling that comes with Meat and Non-meat filling. Most of the tourists who are vegetarian don’t know that this khinkali also comes in non-meat options with mash potatoes and cheese. Pkhali is a vegan dish prepared with mouthwatering vegetable fillings like cabbage, spinach, beetroot, also some crushed garlic and pepper with herbs and nuts. You can eat these filling with small pieces of bread and cheese. The Georgian Salad, yeah Salad! But don’t judge it quickly, it is full of chunky veggies, herbs and tangy dressing which drives you crazy. No travel story is fulfilled without trying the local food or famous food of the country you are visiting. Georgia is even best for the Georgian coffee, which you can easily get in any restaurant or café nearby. The taste and aroma of their coffee is phenomenal.

Nightlife in Georgia:

The Nightlife of Georgia is very pleasant and calm, although people who want to enjoy to the fullest, spend their time at the clubs in Tbilisi. Tbilisi is the main center of clubs and pubs which will surely matches to your requirements. Restaurants in Tbilisi has a reputation for serving one of the best quality foods. If you are with a group of friends, then you can try some cocktails and other drinks at the bars of Georgia or else a fine walking in the evening is also good. 

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