Is Bishkek worth Visiting

Wonderfully green and filled with post-Soviet anachronisms, Bishkek doesn't get anywhere the admiration it deserves as a cultural hub. Many travellers stick around just to pick up visas for further Central Asia tours, spend some days here, dig into the culinary diversions, arts scene or nightlife of Kyrgyzstan's capital city and you may well be amazed by the vibrancy of this gateway to the Tien Shan.

Top Things to Do in Bishkek:

Ala-Too Square: This is the main attraction of Bishkek; it’s like tall standing expanse of concrete. Ala-too square comes under top attraction of Bishkek tour. This place has relation with Bishkek’s independence. In daytime you may visit this place for sightseeing, but at night around 5-8pm different vendors come here to sell their items, for them it doesn’t matter if you come to them as a tourist, they just want to sell their product, even there are small booths for photography, sing-along and some mini street food area.

State Museum of Fine Arts:  This place is fully dedicated to Kyrgyz folk art and craft and Russian paintings. This is another main attraction in Bishkek. So if you love pure elements of art from the ancient time then this is the perfect place for you. State fine art museum have around 18000 exhibited art pieces, all from Greek artwork, sculpture art and cloth painting. This museum is in Bishkek city and remained open for Tuesday to Saturday around 9am to 5pm, and most of the museums remain closed on Mondays.

Panfilov Park: This park is a Bishkek city’s memorial located near Old Square. When it was built in beginning, it was in shape of a star. It’s a good spot for a day picnic with family and friends. On the opposite side of the park there is Panfilov Street. Well there are some old-school rides for kids to play, and a big wheel too; even adults can enjoy rides on that. But all in one it gives you amusement park feel from the inside as it is kept well when it comes to cleanliness. Panfilov Park is one of the top attracted parts of Bishkek. 

Ala Archa National Park: The Ala Archa is national park in the Alpine area. It’s the part of Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan, and part of top attraction in Bishkek during weekends. This is the must visit attraction for travellers who are planning Bishkek tour. The Ala Archa national park is heaven for an eye seeker and a gift from nature’s end to traveller. But one thing no one knows about this place is, it has huge fan base, most of the hikers, skiers and trekkers come here for Central Asia adventurous tours and trekking tours

Burana Tower: For the first time when you look at Burana tower, it feels like that you have seen a painting. This exceptionally beautiful tower was situated in countryside of Bishkek. This tower basically shows some grave makers, leftovers of a castle and three mausoleums. Nearby this tower there is one small building which provides you the trivia of history related to this place. There is staircase under the tower which helps visitors to go to the top, oh god! That scene might steal your heart; there are mountains over there which looks heavenly great. 

Osh Bazaar: At Osh Bazaar, one can buy food products, almost any common household goods, clothes, souvenirs, and even musical instruments. This is one of the biggest markets of central Asia. This market is mix of culture and life at the same time. You can purchase aromatic spices here. There are chances that you will never forget this market because of people’s great hospitality. This is the best place to visit during Bishkek tour.

Nightlife in Bishkek: 
Bishkek is hub of clubs and bars. You will get best night out ever! If you are planning to book Bishkek tour package. Even Bishkek’s night life can create buzz for travellers. Some of the clubs are famous for planning bachelor’s party, theme party and even for birthdays too. Here clubs have different types of variety in cocktail and mocktail. Even some bars have little restaurants to serve typical Kyrgyz food with red wine. There is a reason you may give it a try to spend a night in Bishkek.