Moscow Tour: Beat of Russia

There comes romance in the air when we hear name of the city Moscow.  A place like Moscow can make you fall in love with once you enter the city. Moscow is the heart of Russia; this is what locals call it. While planning Moscow tour here are some essential points that you might follow.


Beautiful well-equipped houses and museums with red brick and vibrant colours like sunrise orange and mustard yellow adds up charm to the city. This town is filled with experimented skyscrapers and theme parks. Good thing for every season is that the colour of buildings goes well! Other western countries filled with Morden architecture and for a change some roadside graffiti is there, to grab the attention of walkers. Moscow here is very sharp in art-game/art-culture. There is a vibe of comfort, chic and classic. Moscow tour could easily change from a regular tour to an art show.

Russian Literature and Library 

There are people madly in love with Russian literature, Yes! And it's not weird at all.  Lavrushinsky lane is a famous writer’s house since 1935. Nobel prize winner writer Boris partenak also written this novel Doctor Zhivago. There are libraries rush with booklovers and thinkers. Book culture never gets old in Moscow. Moscow is the core centre of romantic-comedy, war dramas, and true events books. Some libraries have in house cafés to enhance the level of comfort while reading a book. Moscow tour being the best one among Eastern Europe Tours, has something for everyone.


Moscow never disappoints in case of knowledge craving. Most part of the Moscow has museums for geeks and modern philosophers. The famous one is Yasnaya Polyana is a writer's house museum, the former home of the writer Leo Tolstoy, who wrote so many of his novels like Resurrection and The Kreutzer Sonata. After his death, this house converted into a museum, so many people all around the world came here to see his house for once, it also painted in bright yellow colour, like some other museums in Moscow. 

Romantic Approach 

It's impossible for anyone to calculate the amount of love which is flowing in Moscow's air. There are people who literally choose Moscow as a destination wedding. Moscow Tour Package can have fair chances to be in the top five if someone compare it with Paris, Rome or japan. The winters are here to die for! It gives you the best Christmas joy. For couples, every day is like Valentine's day here, they might end up singing Ed Sheeran's famous song Perfect, which might go well with Moscow's winter.

Photography in Moscow

A loud atmosphere at Moscow street, can be a perfect Instagram post. Arbat, one of the famous streets in Moscow, filled with colourful houses. At a time between mid-afternoon- evening clouds look like touch of heaven here. If you are lucky there are chances to see clouds in pink colour or mid orange. Group of professional photographers gather here only to capture photos of house with match of perfect lighting. This street is also famous for fashion photography for big brands like, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and many more was shot fashion films here. 

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