Secrets of Silk Route Tour

The Silk Route or we can say Silk Road was the trading and cultural connecting wire between Asia and Europe during various periods of history. In other words, Silk Road is the best place which connected traders, merchants, pilgrims and soldiers of East and West. It was also the path, how India and China used to reach the Mediterranean Sea. Length of the path was about 6500 km; also its name is derived from silk, which was the main trading product from China. Although Silk was not the only trading item, some of the goods like gold, ivory, exotic plants and animals were also dealt.

The Silk route tour has played an important role in expansion of civilizations of India, China, Arabia, Ancient Persia and Europe. It had a strong impact on economic, cultural and political interaction between these civilizations. Foundation of the region by Alexander the Great of Macedon in about 330 B.C. can be measured as the first communication between East and West. It was an event, where Indian, Greek and Persian cultures met. It must be acknowledged that Silk Road was not just a single route; there were several divisions of it. The traders used to pick route depending on political situation and season. Bandit raids also had a physical impact on traffic course and flows.

Main difficulties in the functioning overland Silk Road were Revival of Islam, Mongolian Empire, and replacement of the Yuan dynasty by the Ming dynasty in 1368 with its protectionist policy and development of silk route by sea. Nowadays, with improved infrastructure importance of overland Silk Road re-increased. Carrying goods on Silk routes is not as hard as it used to be in the past. Reason behind its increased popularity is, it is much faster than overseas transportations. Natural hindrances are solved so far.

Modern Silk Road Vector

Set of conditions in Syria, Russia, Iran and Ukraine made Georgia a treasured land path connecting Europe and Asia. Like, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline connects Caspian Sea shore to Mediterranean cost of Turkey. It carries oil across Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. This pipeline also runs transportation of oil from Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

Georgian set-up is extensively used for import of goods and produce from western countries into Azerbaijan and Armenia. This infrastructure set includes railway lines, highways, Poti and Batumi ports, warehouses and other logistics facilities. Import of Vehicles in the Caucasus region is accomplished through these facilities as well.

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