The Tashkent Travel Diaries

If you see from the wider side Uzbekistan has a lot to offer you. As Tashkent as its capital, it has one of the most gorgeous places to explore. Here are the things you can do if you are planning your Tashkent tour from Delhi. There is no other country like Uzbekistan right now who have earned that much love from the travel community. Yes, there was a time when Tashkent was under the list of underrated travel destinations. But we all know that everything has its rise and fall. Previously people were not that expanded their mind to experiment with their travel choices, but today we are living in an online campaign flowing market. Now we have more options to travel, even we can create a Tashkent tour package or any other destination package of our own choice.

Here’s our top list of things that you can do in Tashkent, first comes Khast Imam. Khast imam has both museums and madrasas and its located in the centre of Tashkent. Question is what you are going to find here, well this place has world’s oldest Qu’ran. It’s a place worth checking out from inside as well from the outside. Pro tip: This place is good to click some best tour pictures of all time. From here in khast imam, you can look at or simply walk in old Tashkent town and enjoy your Tashkent tour.

And when you are in Khast Imam, Chorsu Bazaar is the nearby attraction to this place. There is a Chorsu subway connected to khast Imam. In Chorsu Bazaar you will find some food stalls and plenty of wholesalers, see this where exactly the centre of old Silk Road is. Chorsu Bazaar is mostly kept under the blue coloured dome. That place is very famous only because of that blue colour dome. You will never get disappointed here if it comes to food because this market has one of the best Plov and Shashlik to eat. 

When it comes to architect and art, Tashkent is a perfect combination of both. Here you will find Soviet Mosaics art, well it’s almost everywhere! In domes, art museums, and street arts. For people who want to stay away from the crowd for a while, Tashkent tour is the right choice for you. Kolkouz canal is one of the best places to explore in old Tashkent. This place is very close to Chitagay Bazaar and Tinchlik Subway which connects to khast imam.

There is a place in Tashkent which will make your evening pleasant, and that is Minor Mosque. Well, this “Marble Marvel” makes you fall in love with and reminds you of the Taj Mahal of India while on Tashkent Tour. You will surely love a sunset evening here. There is a hangout place also called The Amir Taimur square. This place is a tribute to the greatest emperor of central Asia. Hotel Uzbekistan is also present here as the vintage example of the soviet era. You can easily grab lunch and some coffee here. This whole area has one of the best restaurants and bars. But in the evening, it gets even better when local people come here to sit and chat, and for some street shopping at stalls. 

People who love art in the form of dance can enjoy a show at Navoi Theater. Here you can enjoy one of the best ballet dances when you are on Tashkent tour. They probably showed up the schedule on the window outside the ticket corner. They have both things Ballet dance and Russian dance, but they usually showed ballet dance most of the time. You can also relax during your Tashkent holidays in Navoi Park. The vast area of green trees and bushes is a place to relax and chill for a while in that much heat. Here in this park, you can easily have some food stalls and restaurants so you can enjoy your day picnic at Navoi Park.

Even the Tashkent Travel Guide is best to know the city more at once. This tour will allow you to explore some glimpse of the famous architecture of this city. This city also has some of the best eat-street food like mostly the famous Plov dish which is made of rice and meatballs. Well we are not sure about this dish, from where it was originated but for the people of Tashkent, this identifies their national dish and you can have it anywhere in the whole Uzbekistan tour.  When you were in Tashkent for a holiday, you will surely feel that time flies fast! Because Tashkent has that vibe that can easily connect with your heart. If you are looking for night out parties and fun, then you can checkout nearby famous pubs and bars to experience the best nightlife in Tashkent.

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