Time to Grab Some Exciting Diwali Travel Deals

Festive season makes you indulge in the activities that you never do usually like, lighting up your house, flowering terrace, shopping, eating and many more. But what about getting best travel deal? Yes! And that is in central Asia Guided Tours. Central Asia Guided Tours brings you best Diwali deals for your fantastic and never forgetting trip to Central Asia.

This deal is for everyone. We have Family Tour in Central Asia, Group tour in Central Asia and solo tours for Central Asia. It is all up to your choice which category is best for you, after that we will take full responsibility of your entertainment and will fulfill your passion for travelling. Let us just give you the bio of cities of Central Asia where you will find true happiness and for some; it’s a perfect bliss.

It’s all starts with Bishkek tour first, because in comparison with other Central Asian cities Bishkek and Almaty have more options in every category like from adventure to sightseeing and if you love winter then it’s an apt place for you. First comes Bishkek city tour where you will go through some of the city’s best attraction like Ala-Too Square which is patriotic pride of Bishkek and at the same time it is one of the top attractions in Bishkek. Here is one mini park also. Later you can head towards art museum in Bishkek which have tremendous artwork to please your eyes forever. Just in case if you want to make a mini picnic plan there is Panfilov Park. For people who love adventure during a trip, Kashkasu Ski Resort is meant for them which is around 2100m above the sea level and has the best snow falls. This place is best if you are planning for winter holidays. Next you can go to Ala Archa National park and after that checkout market for shopping. Ala Archa national park is best for, hiking trip in Bishkek. And it’s also good for your health, to get some fresh air in Bishkek.

From Bishkek, get transferred to Tashkent and Bukhara as your next tour stoppage where you will first visit Ark of Bukhara which was built in 5th century AD, place to enjoy the royal era of history. This is the most famous place of Bukhara. There is also a Chor Minar, which surely reminds you of Hyderabad’ char minar. This place is best example of ancient art and architecture.  People who love Lakes the most will find Lyabi Kjauz the best place ever, it’s so calm and serene, although it a simple pond which is surrounded by monuments. Trust me just sit there for a while and your heart will not let you go anywhere. Time will freeze for a while.  

From Bukhara your next tour will be Samarkand City Tour, here is one of the finest pictures of rustic ancient architect that is Gur-Emir, and there are tombs of medieval east prince and their dynasty. But it’s truly god like structure will blow your mind. After that your tour guide will take you towards the Registan Streets of Samarkand, it’s kind of a public meeting place for people to gather here and arrange a meet up. You will also find some nearby bazaars for shopping.

Next the tour will lead to Tashkent City Tour, where first you will visit independence square of Tashkent. This place is dedicated to Martyrs. There is Side Park also for some leisure and a museum too. If you have enough time, please give a visit to the museum. There is Romanov Prince Duke, which is a two-story building with basement and a Japanese garden.

Mazorly planted by botanist of Tashkent, is another famous place among tourists. Chorus bazar of Tashkent is a real-deal place market for various goods from seeds, nuts, spices and some cheap street food.

From here your Tashkent tour will comes to an end. Now it’s time to explore Almaty where, first days start from a former city tour of Almaty and then later visit Kok-Tobe which is most famous hilltop in Almaty, and this place is indeed good enough to blow your mind.  This 1100m hill connects toward T.V tower of Almaty, so here you can enjoy cable car ride from the hilltop. Your eyes will love the view of Almaty from the cable car. Kok-Tobe hilltop is full of cafés and restaurants. If you are a die-hard fan of the Beatles then you will surely love Kok-Tobe hill, as there is one golden statue of four Beatles, for kids there is one minizoo and roller coaster ride. There is a huge sign “I Heart Almaty”, where you obviously found visitor being clicked. Isn’t it wonderful that at one hilltop there are so many things to discover for different types of people? Well this might specially the first catch of Almaty tour. There is one of the most beautiful lakes in Almaty it’s around 30 km drive from south of Almaty and you have to reach Zailiysky Alteau Mountain Range. Here you have two options first you can enjoy soulful lunch at lakeside with your family or friends or if you have any interest like hiking or trekking then this place is perfect. For people who love to shop there is green bazaar for shopping feast. 

We know that everyone loves to travel, so this is a Diwali gift from our end to you. For best Diwali Deals and offers login to Central Asia Guided Tours. You will find Best Central Asia tour packages only on our website.