Top Tourist Attractions in Tbilisi

When someone talks about most interesting places to visit in world, Georgia is a country which strikes to the mind instantly. May be many of you don’t have idea about this part of the world but once you book Georgia tour package you would want to come back. About Georgia we are sure of one thing that this city has been blessed by god. It has that feel, which term as “feel like heaven”. Local people of Georgia indeed are good singers, musicians, lovers and dancers. Tbilisi comes as Georgia’s capital, but people call it Georgia’s heart. It has perfect soil, weather and food. There is something in the city which you haven’t experienced before, book Tbilisi tour Package now and experience the real magic. If you really want to a take a good walk in the fresh air; Tbilisi is the best place.

First, let’s dive into Tbilisi tours deep route, which is their famous sulphur bathhouse. It belongs to old town and perfect place for relaxation. You may sit and chill in garden, but this type of experience we can’t get usually. For those who are planning for a long trip can mark this place in their Tbilisi tour as leisure place”. Also, there walk-in is available for walk towards the Legvtakhevi valley, there is small waterfall which connects it with botanical garden. 

Tbilisi follows some old school culture of Puppet show! Yeah, we’re right which is certainly like puppet shows happen in India! You can watch this show in evening 7 pm onwards near famous Clock tower of Tbilisi. Gabriadze Theater, which was founded in 1981, was the first place to introduce puppet show; you can give it a try here too. In a time span of two days Tbilisi is perfectly fine for some historical visits. See Georgia is place for which we can say explore city’ deep route first, then gear towards the art and market section. Georgia has undergone many re-establishments, invasions, and a huge development from what it was centuries ago. The Dry Bridge is also reformed for the daily Flea market in Tbilisi, here you can easily get some travel souvenir, vintage gifts, and exhibited art pieces.

Complete Tbilisi tour package is a pleasure to a true seeker who wants to seek nature’s serene beauty. As a tourist you might get jealous of by people’s fate that how much they are lucky, having Georgia as there living place. The founder of Tbilisi Vakhtang Gorgasali, built it in 5th century. His statue is located near church, which can be seen when you cross Metekhi Bridge. From there you can watch old Tbilisi, the Mtkvari River and Narikal fortress which comes under main attractions of Tbilisi. 

For family bonanza there is huge park named Rike Park. This park has so many chairs, some handy games and modern architecture. Here Peace Bridge gets the main attention of tourist. If you are planning Family Holiday in Tbilisi, this place is must visit with kids, you can click some awesome family photos, which celebrates family’s togetherness. 

Also, when you are in Tbilisi, don’t forget to visit the museum of Georgia. Oh! You have no clue, how incredibly beautiful this place is. It has history around 19th century and reserved so many archaeological belongings and animal fossils as an antique. There is another museum for Art- gazers, and it’s very much famous in country. The art museum of Georgia has around 1 lakh+ art pieces, from ancient time to recent time. 

There is new trend these days “destination date night” where couples went for date night to some another country, and Georgia have perfect settings for this “date night”. It is a Top Attraction in Tbilisi, so bring your loved one here and give them a memory for life.

Shardeni Street in Tbilisi is full of bars, cafes, Restaurants and some nearby Galleries. But if you headed as a single then you may love the Nightlife in Tbilisi. It’s so energetic and the food that being whether in club as starter or in hotels is rated as A+ quality food. Even there is so many option in drinks and you can have them whole night. Life goes really fast there. You have to catch your best moment before it is too late. 

Book your Tbilisi holiday package and Georgia tour package now with Central Asia Guided Tours and be ready for exciting trip full of surprises and live your tourist desire to the fullest.