Travel Tips for an Ultimate Russia Tour

Russia, country of dreams, playground for adventurers, has a lot to offer in its travel platter, from historic cities and idyllic countryside to artistic riches, epic train rides, and vodka-fuelled nightlife. Not only inside, but also in the cultural sphere and history, it has managed to become one of the most vibrant nations in the world. Russia is a huge country as it is double the size of USA and the culture followed in Russia is unlike that of USA. It is said that one person cannot complete Russia tour in one vacation. That is one of the main reason why people visit this country again and again.

It is a dreamlike trip for each and every traveler of being able to explore a nation which has an interesting history of all the time. The main cities that one should visit in Russia are Moscow, the capital city &St. Petersburg, second largest city of Russia after Moscow. 

So in this blog, we are going to discuss travel tips to enjoy Russia tour package to the fullest.

1. If you are planning a trip in winters, then it is good to carry a pair of shoes along so that you can do tracking properly. It is because in Moscow as well as in Kazan there is a heavy snowfall that a person could slip easily. One should even be cautious while entering any building, the reason behind is the floor of the building might get uneven changes and the person might fall.

2. The cuisines of Russia are very tempting and famous all over the world, but at the same time, they are named in an unfamiliar way, so it is recommended to do some research work before trying any cuisine.

3. Do not drink the tap water in Russia. It is because the tap water might create health problems so you should avoid it and make sure to enjoy your hassle-free trip.

4. If you wish to plan an ideal Russia tour then you should book your travel dates in the months of May, June, and October, which is the best time to visit Russia, when you can enjoy the trip without facing any seasonal difficulties.

5. Before visiting any places of interest it is important to research about the opening days as well as the visiting timings. It is because there are no specific timings for opening and closing of the museums and various other spots. 

6. Before starting Russia tour one must know how to navigate the metro of Moscow properly. It is the perfect way to complete your Moscow tour without any hassle. Metro is the most convenient way to explore Moscow.

7. If you are exploring this country it is suggested to carry the passport along to stay away from problems. It is because at the time of checking if you are stopped by the police, then at least you can show the passport to confirm your identity.

There is no doubt if we say that Russia has become one of the most popular tourist circuits in the world because of its rich cultural heritage as well as some renowned cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. So, before visiting this country make sure to check out the details of various famous destinations of Russia on, as it is one of the most trustworthy portals that assist with complete information. 

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