it's against the northeast walls of Belgrade Fortress and comes under the oldest church in the whole city. Well, there is no proof of this church origin, but yes this church has been gone through so many demolitions andrebuilds. The earlier mention was heard in the 1400s, but it was removed under the kingdom of the Ottoman Empire. So the current building is from the 19th century, after WWI. The facades of the church are clad with ivy, and the inside area has chandeliers that were made from the era of the first world war. It's one of the peaceful yet quite interesting spots for everyone. Also, it's part of top attractions in Belgrade, just because of its stunning natural beauty.


Splavovi is the best play to plan a night out in Belgrade, You have to board on a splav. There are plenty of Barges and boats that are permanent stands on the sides of Danube and Sava rivers, also this will be a new experience for you because here you will experience floating restaurants and bars or even nightclubs. Each Splavovi different in color, some of them are really bright in color some give the vibes of vintage style. The best part of a night out is that there are live rock band performances, pop dance music, and Serbian folk dance can be enjoyed or you can simply go for dinner in peace the nearby Danube. 


This place is also known as Oslobodenja which means (Quay of liberation), this waterside front is the most adorable place in Belgrade to take in the Danube. For this you have to start walking from Gardos Tower, it's a long lush green area, full of trees and you can have the view of the second largest river in Europe who joins with the Sava. The pedestrian path is full of leisure time activities mostly walking and sitting alongside the river. If you reach a few steps forward you will see restaurants, and yes one special river treat that is boats! which takes you to the fabulous ride of the Danube river.


It seems like Belgrade’s republic square might be the most crowded place linger around, but you don’t have to worry. This place is Belgrade’s main gathering area, where people enjoy their evening. This is the site of most recognizable buildings of Belgrade, you will see the National Museum, the statue of Prince Michael and last but not the least National theatre. National Theatre is also visited by visitors every year to enjoy culturally-based Ballet, Opera and Dramas, at a cheap rate. You check their schedule first and set your time accordingly, but you cherish those moments you had in National Theatre. National Theatre is still running strongly only because of fabulous drama specifically from William Shakespeare.


Ada Ciganlija a river island turned into a beach or peninsula, is beloved Belgrade's top attraction for tourists. for tourists the best time to come here when the temperature reaches around 40 degrees Celsius (104 F). Also, this is the most happening place of Belgrade, if you can see from the perspective of a tourist. Serbia is the hub of the best Party destination most tourists come here on a sunny day to spend their day and have sun-soaked baths. But adults prefer to come here at night to have some fun on the beach. To be honest this whole Ada Ciganlija beach area never disappoints ton in a case of bars, lounges, and refreshments. There are plenty of Bars to enjoy some countryside juices and drinks.


A museum that is fully dedicated to the work, life, and memory of Nikola Tesla, one of the most visited museums of Serbia, Belgrade. It was also registered under UNESCO's memory archive program. He was a great physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer, but merely remember as Serbia's national hero. You can check here the exhibition sections of this museum which are mainly divided into two parts. The first exhibition area is fully souring the life of tesla as man, his photographs, his interest in painting and other life-related stuff. The second area is for the showcase of tesla's work throughout his life. If you are interested in deeper knowledge, then you can take a scientific English language tour. 


Museum of Yugoslavia and the House of Flowers was complete in 1975 but that time it was not opened for public. Josip Broz who was the president of Yugoslavia majorly developed his interest in flowers. Only after his death, this place was opened for tourists on the demands of local people. The house of flowers was built in 1975, which is also being called the winter garden. But today people come here to pay tribute to Josip Broz's grave and particularly for the house of flowers which is famous for the collection of batons. Even the museum of Yugoslavia is more fascinating to see. It’s been on record that since 1982 more17,000,000 people have been come to visit this place. Especially on May 25 which is celebrated as Youth Day here.


A place which is more famous as Belgrade's bohemian quarters, although people only use the quarter word here more liberally. Skadarlija another famous street of Belgrade, by the way, this street has an immense fan following of Instagram. Sorry but we are not the one who spread such rumors, Skadarlija is not only a street but more of an area. Therefore, because the street is full of cafes, bars, and restaurants. There was a time when this area belonged to poets and drunk people, and now Skadarlija marked its name in one of the famous tourist spots in Belgrade. You can even find small shops here set on a wooden table, selling artificial jewelry and cards.


From the time square of America to people square in japan, every county has its social space, we are talking about the one which is hugely famous amongst the locals and tourists. Knez Mihailova is the social midpoint of Belgrade. If you really want to see Belgrade people in more of an amount, then you were at the right place that is Knez Mihailova. Knez Mihailova is kind of a high-end fashion street, yes you can click pictures here but also there plenty of shops where you can enjoy shopping. The main attraction in this area is the local cafe's where you can not only enjoy good coffee but awesome dessert also.


Church of Saint Sava is one of the largest orthodox church on the planet and its majorly famous in the entire region. It influences the city's skyline. A church with a height of 79 meters, can be easily seen by people. It was built on the spot of famous Saint Sava's burned remains around 1595 but it took 400 years to this church, standing in complete architecture. Well, the church has been gone through internal construction recently in 2018, but that's not an excuse for wanderers to make such delay. After all, there is nothing bigger than faith and worship in this world. Each year, the tourist comes to worship this monument of faith.


There is more than one attraction in Belgrade more a big mingling of everything that makes the city prominent. Kalemegdan Fortress has seen so many matters of conflict over the centuries, but in the 21st century, you can see that only dogs are fighting here on streets, no violence at all. Specifically, a huge park, the fortress looks out over the junctions of the Sava and Danube Rivers for what is undoubtedly the city’s most romantic spot. You can also see also houses the Military Museum and several galleries, not to mention some of the city’s most recognizable monuments. In Belgrade, the most attracted tourist place is Kalemegdan. There is a reason why all roads lead towards Kalemegdan.


Discover matchless splendour of Belgrade from the Danube and Sava rivers. On cruise you will see Belgrade main attractions: Kalemegdan Fortress, confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Nebojsa Tower, Pancevo bridge, Zemun, Little Horse Island, Great War Island, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Saborna Church, Serbian Ortodox Patriarchy, Branko's bridge, Monument Old Fairground, Old Sava bridge, Belgrade Waterfront, "Splavs" - floating restaurants and bars on the river, Old Railway bridge, Gazela bridge, New Railway bridge, Belgrade Fair, and Ada bridge. In short cruise will take you through the mesmerizing sights of Belgrade.


Novi Sad is a cheerful town with all the swags and none of the stress of the big smoke. Here you can see locals hanging out in pretty parks and outdoor cafes, and laneway bars pack out nightly. The looming Petrovaradin Fortress keeps a strict eye on events, releasing its tie each July to host Serbia's largest music festival. While on Novi Sad city tour you will enjoy the happening pedestrian thoroughfare, Zmaj Jovina, Dunavska Street, Trg Slobode, Museum of Vojvodina, Danube Park, Churches and much more.


Krusedol Monastery is located in the south slope of Fruska Gora Mountain, in the Krusedol limits on the street between Irig and village of Maradik. The monastery is the heritage of the last Serbian despot family of Srem – Brankovic, which was built between 1509 and 1512 by Bishop Maksim (Djordje) Brankovic, the son of despot Stefan the Blind and Angelina. This monastery was severely destroyed and set fired by Turks in 1716 during their retreat. However, soon after this event the renovation of monasteries and churches started. The Baroque bell tower and residences were accomplished in the first half of the 18th century and at the same time the church was painted. It was assigned to the Greek masters from the Holy Mountain (Sveta Gora), who operated on the territory of Vlaska and Moldova.


Closed more than a decade the national museum of Serbia is undoubtedly one of the oldest and best museums of Serbia. Founded in 1844, this museum housed in a fabulous classical building.  it was shut down because of a lack of funds. But then it was opened with a grand theme on 28th June 2018. this museum has everything like pieces from the pre-historic era to pieces from the 20thcentury. Some of the famous pieces this museum has are the Gospel of Miroslav, Madonna and child painting, Madonna with christ on the throne.etc. Even if this museum is famous for its antique art collection, comes under most visited place by tourist in Serbia. 

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