Gabala tour package will start with panoramic view of the city. Rope way of Tufandag summer-winter tourist complex is an amazing place to relish fresh breeze of Caucasus Mountains and take incredible view of the city. Also here you can see other attractions and interesting sites in the surrounding area of Gabala, like Lake Nokhur and waterfall. Apart from natural sights Gabala is also recognized as one of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan. The chief attraction of Gabala is the ruins of an ancient town Kabalaka (Chuhur Gabala), located at distance of 15km from the city center.


This mountainous waterfall is coming from the highest peaks of the Caucasus Mountains and bases in Vandam village of Gabala. The name of the Seven Beauties (Yeddi Gozal) Waterfall spring from the name of the 7 mountain roads that should pass to reach the waterfall. In winter it’s harder to get here because the waterfall gets completely frozen. It's mostly clear in spring and summer, tea houses are available on every mountain road, where you will be offered a tea set with traditional types of Gabala jam. On the highest point of the waterfall, you will see a tea house that serves tea and enjoy the pleasant sound and the amazing scene of nature. The tea that will drink here in itself because it is made up of mountain waters.


If you want to enjoy winters in Azerbaijan, then Gabala is the best option for you. In the Tufandag winter-summer complex, you can see a major group of tourists enjoying ski, walk in the mountains and snowboarding, etc. But one major activity loved by all of them is cable car ride in Tufandag, well it is one of the most beautiful cable cars rides you ever had. Gabala is blessed by beautiful winter scenes, the one which is closest to nature please you in such a dramatic way that you don’t want to leave Gabala. There are several professional instructors who will help you to learn all the activities. You can easily rent skiing equipment and enjoy your trip to natural snow.


Gabalaland, which is also called the Disneyland of Gabala. It is in one of the most beautiful regions of Azerbaijani and mostly attracts tourists in the summer tour package. Well in comparison with other cities of Azerbaijan Gabala is small area wise as well as sightseeing wise, but no matter how small Gabala this tourist spot is still ruling on number one here. The amusement park is full of slot machines, a laser Maxx playground, and 6D attractions. Also, two racing car tracks, motorcycle tracks, swimming pools, and areas for games like football, volleyball. The complex of gabalaland has artificial seven lakes, and some good cafes and restaurants who serve Azerbaijani cuisine and other continental dishes.