St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kyiv was built in honor of Prince Vladimir of Kyiv, who introduced Christianity in Kievan Rus in 988AD. The cathedral is decorated in the classical Old Byzantine style and its interior was painted by such famous artists as Mikhail Vrubel and Viktor Vasnetsov.  Being located in the central part of the city, it is definitely in the list of the most important sights


Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is an outstanding complex work started on it in 1037 and lasted for just three years,architectural monument has had only a few reconstructions, you can marvel at the Byzantine cathedral in close to its original form. In addition, it is located at the intersection of the four leading roads in Kiev, climb to the cathedral’s bell tower and you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view from the top.


St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery is a functioning monastery in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The monastery is located on the right bank of the Dnieper River on the edge of a bluff northeast of the Saint Sophia Cathedral.


The Independence Square, also famous as Maidan Nezalezhnosti, is the central square in Kiev, which is the main attraction of Kieve. Parades, festivals, concerts, and other entertaining city activities and holidays take place on this square. It comprises six fountains, Independence Column and artificial waterfall. The Independence Square is an amazing place to spend time with your friends it has much to offers, the huge building with the tower and chimes, the Trade Union Association Office and other attractions. The left side of the Independence square is beautifully shielded with granite. The marvellous panoramic view of Old Kiev opens from the upper floors of the square buildings. One can see the domes of Sofia Cathedral built in the 11th century, Andreevskaya Church built in the 18th century, the Central Mall, City Parliament, and a lot of administrative buildings. You can see good shops, hotels and cafes at Independence square. Two metro stations Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and Kreschatik are also situated nearby. One of the fountains of the square is decorated with statues of legendary brothers Kie, Horiv, Schek and their sister Libed. According to Nikon's Russian Primary Chronicle, they picked the place for the city foundation and decided to name it in tribute of the elder brother ‘Kie’. The sculpture composition on the central square of the Ukrainian capital portrays 4 founders of the city. One of the best prominent decorations of the central square is the Independency Column crowned with a statue of Archangel Mikhail, who is considered to be the saint patron of Kiev. In front of the column, at the end of the square you can see an arch decorated with the statue of Archangel with sword and shield.


At a distance of 30 km from city centre, Mezhyhirya, has been a museum that shows the luxury of its former owner, former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, since mid-November 2014. The estate is located in the Novi Petrivtsi (village of Ukraine), which is 25 km from Kiev. Yanukovych lived in it from the year 2002 to 21st February 2014, when he abandoned the estate during Ukrainian Revolution 2014. Yanukovych fled Kiev, and the police units on 21st February 2014 that had protected the residence during Euromaidan withdrew and activists were able to enter it. Following that, huge number of Ukrainians went to visit this deluxe palace and park for free. Protestors of Automaidan took care of the residence from the time when it was uncontrolled by security forces and turned it into a public park. Since long one of the employees of Kiev Zoo has been taking care of the animals and birds at the residence. Now this place is open for the visitors, one can see the royalty of the huge territory of the former residence. It is filled with wonderful landmarks, which are not always full of taste, but extremely expensive. Major landmarks of Mezhygirya Residence Museum are: “Honka” Club House (mansion of Yanukovich), Mini-zoo, Fitness centre, Private SPA, Guest house, Golf course, “Galleon” barge - palace on the water, Lakes, walkways, sculptures and garden houses. While on the trip to Ukraine, this museum is among one of the must visit places.


Discover the fascinating and most interesting metro stations of Kyiv with a local guide. From the deepest station of the world, Arsenal’na, to the modern murals of the Osokorky station – this Kyiv metro tour package offers you brand new impressions of the underground world of Kyiv. There you can observe how the lavish, subway Kiev architecture was picturized to express a bright, bold new Soviet future. Admire the beautiful decor, shining chandeliers and figures at the stations, including Zoloti Vorota (Eng. Gilden Gate), with its iconic mosaics.


6Po is a fascinating 5-storey restaurant on the Rynok Square located in Lviv. This is an amazing place where the history of producing a wonderful city, culinary and cultural Ukrainian traditions is united. There you can see the collection of coffee machine Slayer and its own brewery 'Schulz', the highest aquarium in Ukraine with exotic sea creatures and sharks, a folding roof that opens the vista of Lviv. The food is ok, and each floor has different sections of cuisine and when there are no guests you can come for excursion and enjoy views over Rynok square from rooms. Book Ukraine tour package now for amazing experience.


A trip to Mamaeva Sloboda open-air museum in Kiev is the best opportunity to get to know the national traditions and see the wonderful Ukrainian architecture. Leave the buzz of the big city behind and relax, walking through the narrow streets on the museum and discover captivating facts from an expert local guide. Tourists also have the chance to sample delicious traditional Ukrainian dishes at the museum restaurant, to learn more about Ukrainian customs, rites and handicrafts, to ride Cossack horses, to feed farm animals and.


Explore the magnificent capital city of Ukraine, Kiev, in bus and discover all the top attractions of the city! Identified for its religious architecture, historical museums, and monuments, this Kiev tour package allows tourists to plan their own holiday itinerary around the city and enjoy the sights at their own pace. Double decker open bus allow you to sight all the major attractions of the city while enjoying a panoramic view of famous attractions like the beautiful Saint Sophia’s Cathedral and Saint Michael’s Cathedral, the 11th-century monastery Kiev PecherskLavra, the indoor market of Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, the soviet necropolis Mariyinsky Park, the deepest underground station in the world Arsenalna and much more! Just hop-off any time to explore your next ideal attraction.


This museum is located at the base of the Rodina Mat tower and specifically made for the brave soldiers who fought in World War 2. It’s a German-Soviet war memorial. This is one of the largest museums in the whole of Ukraine. Previously it was moved twice before located on the current location. But the question is what makes a museum so special? Well, there is an answer this museum has around 300 lakh exhibits and one of the greatest landmarks of whole Kyiv, Motherland Statue. Tourist comes every year to capture one of the remarkable moments of their life here in Kyiv. At this place, in well time with your friend or partner or anyone, you will never be denied that this moment wasn’t special. And just in case if you want proof to let us tell you that this museum has a record of more than 21 million visitors, which is enough for you to give it a try.


The Motherland Monument is a symbol of patriotism here in Kyiv, it does not matter how much time has been left on your trip, and you must arrive there. It's around 300 ft. tall and gave you the humongous view from the low side of the park. You may choose to sit, lay down on the grass for a while, to grab the evening sneak peek. Every city or country has its own Story of glory. Motherland statue here stands to show that this city is free to express their individuality. This Statue alone is the greatest patriotic landmark of Kyiv. The best part is people really enjoy here when they were on their tour visit, especially the photo session yeah! That’s what a tourist love to do. Trust us when you were here in this place, you will hardly want to go anywhere because that whole atmosphere has that good vibe.


Andriivs'kyi descent is old descent that connecting Kyiv’s upper town with the neighborhood area and historically famous Podil Neighbourhood which is located on the floodplain terrace between Dnieper river and Hills of Kyiv. You can also see Saint Andrew Church there in the background of Andriivs'kyi descent. It’s basically an old hill area, but with a beautiful view. Only the beauty of this place is the sole reason why people love to visit this place in Kyiv. On local people’s demand in 2006, this place was reconstructed and it's still going on. Also, tourist enjoys here shopping in the art galleries and shops, which are located at the sidewalk of Andriivs'kyi descent. Sidewalk shops engage tourists for a while and make them also interact with local people in this area. It’s a known fact that wherever you go, people of that, an area or trip are the main thing to discover. Here in Kyiv people are warm and welcoming.


On top, the Kiev’s attraction list is Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, started from11th century to now in modern-day this place is loved by so many people. It’s a world heritage and fantastic complex of churches and bell towers and subsurface caves. Caves are the oldest portion of Pechersk Larva. These are man-made caves. But here women must follow strict dress code they must cover their hair and legs. The bell tower, on the other hand, is associated with Pechersk Lavra, this monument needs some special attention. Well, it’s constructed around 1745 it is the tallest bell tower in the world. This is one of the best examples of ancient architecture. You can pay some amount to go up and view the entire Kyiv city with the enchanting sound of bells. Kyiv Pechersk Lavra sets on the unit of 28 hectares of lush grassy hills above the Dnipro River, you can easily assume why people come here to see this finest beauty of architecture.


Golden Gate of Kyiv alone makes you think what old Kyiv looks like. It comes as the under-rated part of Kyiv Sightseeing, but indeed this is the best place to visit. It’s nearby to the Golden Gate metro station, and there are a bunch of cafés and shops. You can clearly hear from the tourist’s side that this place is worth a visit. But you know what the best part is, most of the tourists were shocked when they know that Golden Gate belonged to the 11th-century era and it was so well kept. Although it’s true that there were so many reconstructions keeping alive the vibe of that period is also important. In comparison with another sightseeing area, this area is quite full of rush, because of the immense amount of tourist visiting hours. Otherwise, the tourist doesn't stop here for long, but you can sit here on the side grass area for a while.


Chernobyl, a genuine ghost town welcomes you to experience a time capsule. 30 years after the nuclear disaster, Chernobyl day tours from Kiev are now being offered, to the Chernobyl exclusion zone, exclusively by Central Asia Guided Tours. Tremendous efforts have been taken by the government to confine the contamination like liquidating buildings, removing the topsoil from the area, and tearing down wooden structures, now most of the accessible area in Chernobyl is safe for a day visit. As per the studies the amount of radiation you'll receive on a Chernobyl group tour is just like eating two extra bananas.And, yes, before starting a trip, an instrument will be given to you to keep the track of how much radiation you will accumulate over the period. Most of the times it comes out to about 2 - 3 mSv which is an equivalent to a one-hour flight on a plane. Once at Chernobyl, you get to meet with the leadership of “Chernobyl inter inform” Agency and here you can hear all about the accident. Finally, you visit Pripyat, the town which was evacuated because of poisonous radiations. Here you will find many things which exhibits whole story of disaster abandoned homes, amusement park with rusted rides, ruined kindergartens with children’s playthings scattered around beds, distorted school buildings, evacuated stores with trolleys still lying there, and a few crazy people who wanted to move back, It looks more like inspiration for a horror movie. After completing the tour, come back to control point for a quick radiation check and then back to Kiev. Book Kiev group tour package now and get a chance to visit Chernobyl a disaster spot yet adventurous.


House with Chimaeras is an Art Nouveau monument located in the historic Lypky neighborhood of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. located across the street from the President of Ukraine's office at No. 10, Bankova Street, the place has been used as a presidential residence for official and diplomatic ceremonies since 2005 The place has its popular name from the ornate decorations depicting exotic animals and hunting scenes, which were sculpted by a famous Italian architect Emilio Sala, since Horodecki was an avid hunter. The name does not refer to the chimera of mythology, but to an architectural style known as chimera decoration in which animal figures are applied as decorative elements to a building. This will be your unusual and most surprising tour of Kyiv.


The university acquires the grounds of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in the amazing Podil neighborhood, from Kontraktova Square to the Dnieper River. The campus of NaUKMA is composed of a number of buildings constructed in the times of its predecessor institutions. This is the oldest buildings of that date from the 17th century and includes the Halshka Hulevychivna house and the old academic building also called the Mazepa building in honor of its finance Hetman Ivan Mazepa. The Mazepa building contains the congregation hall for ceremonial events, the Center for Contemporary Art and the research library. There is an amazing church called The Church of Holy spirit with lovely trees around it. 


St. Andrew's Church was built in 1754 by the famous Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who also designed the winter palace of St. Petersburg. The amazing gold and blue color church is an absolute masterpiece and it dominates the view when walking up here. The five-domed church is an ultimate representation of Ukranian tradition. From the outside of the church, you can also the terrific views of Dnipro River and Podil. The stairway to this church is the best part though, cast iron leading up to the church and you can also see the benches here in the middle of the stairs so you can take a breath for a while or just sit casually.

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