Lviv, the largest city in western Ukraine, filled with amazing attractions and home to 750,000 inhabitants, was recognized as the country’s Cultural Capital. Well-known for its rich fictional history and printing legacy, Lviv is undeniably a city of wonderful rs, readers and publishers, with half of the population listed with one of the city’s 174 libraries. In the early 20th century, Lviv was the only city in the world to home 3 Catholic Archbishops and this practice of religious tolerance within the city has encouraged many rs to involve with the city’s heritage and culture. Lviv is a beautiful city which attracts good number of tourists every year. Plan your Lviv tour package now with Central Asia Guided Tours and be ready for exciting trip to Lviv.


Lviv is also famous for its underground tours, which includes some theme-based tour. It’s all depending upon your choice if you have enough time to plan theme-based tours. The pharmacy museum is specifically famous and it gained a lot of visitors. The whole pharmacy has 13 rooms and an old laboratory, library. As you reach there you can clearly how this pharmacy followed the elements of nature like earth, fire, water, and air this clearly shows that people here in pharmacy follow old medicine rituals. In the further part, you will see a medical book dated around 1700 century a vital part of this pharmacy or we can an old treasure of medical information, although pharmacy has another antique piece and books too. There are so many formulation jars and beakers too. It’s a unique place to be in.


This cemetery is a national reserve of Lviv now. People of very famous figures from history are now resting in peace here. All the famous leaders, politicians, Ukrainian artists, and young military members, who had lost their lives in the Ukrainian-polish war in 1919, are buried here. When you will visit this cemetery you will experience a silent art that compliments the silence of the atmosphere. This place doesn’t have any of the haunting vibes, but you will surely feel the calm in the air. It’s more of like celebrating the soul’s bravery, art intellectual minds and sacrifice for the country at the same place. This place honors them in the form of art and nature that surrounds this place. Also most importantly this place has 500 sculptures in different types of form and architecture.


High Castle Hill was dismantled in the 19th century but this place has a history around 1250. It was destroyed in 1259 but again rebuilt in 1270. The session of rebuilt was continued till 2004-2005, but the main thing is to keep this place alive for the coming generations. This hill is 413 meters up and it will take around 20-30 minutes to reach the top. When you will reach the top there is a surety the most amazing view of a city you ever saw! Good thing is that the area around the castle hill is very easy to reach. But yes there is no more of a castle today but a wall, still you should come here. Most of the tourists come here in summer just to see the mesmerizing sunset. And if you want to make a video or take a picture then it’s all right here.


A French architect inspired monument in Lviv, is now a famous art gallery. This Palace has enormous gates and constructed balconies. That shows the beauty of this palace. This palace has an exceptionally wonder collection of European art pieces from the 14th to 18th centuries in their wing one. Then in wing 2 of the gallery, you will see the 19th to 20th century’s art pieces. In total, this place is good to visit to see both of the wings with one of the century’s greatest art pieces in front of your eyes. By the way, this place has been named on the polish family called the Potocki family. In an older era, this whole building was only and only for discussions about politics and as a registry office. But now it’s opened for art lovers and seekers. 


Lviv’s culture is pretty good at respecting their art. Even every city in Eastern Europe celebrates its art and culture in its true form. Well, here in Lviv the Theater of Opera and Ballet, which was built in 1900 is a golden chance you can give yourself. Here a group of artists performed every season on their famously acted plays and music. The artists here performed in the USA, Italy, Russia, and Poland. This Theater of opera is an example of a neo-classical structure in modern times and holds so much of the story in its standing walls and pillars. As a performing art house, this place never disappoints you. It’s been 120 years now this Opera Theater is still going on and making a huge place in everyone’s heart. We know the language can be a barrier sometimes, but no one can deny the tremendous performances done by the artist in the evening show.


When UNESCO declared the Lviv world heritage site in 1998, Ploshcha Rynok was there as an old market and heart of Lviv. Although in the 16th century there was a fire in this place, so after that disaster, this place recovered and constructed again. Both local people and tourists in the Lviv enjoy here as a day out trip, and to be frank, it’s a good choice to choose this place over any other. Why? Because this place is totally awesome for the summertime hangout in the evening and you can have some street-side food and Lviv's specialty glass full of beer. This whole area is surrounded by 40 buildings and every building has bright pastel colors like sunshine yellow, orange, sky blue and many more. You can click some pictures here and can add to your Instagram, then wait for your friend question that where were you last time? Because at that time you will have only good things to tell.


Folklore is part of every country no matter which religion, caste or background you came from. Here in Ukraine, you can enjoy the heritage, art, and culture at the same time. This museum is located in the eastern district which is not so far from the city and you can enjoy it as much as you want. It has around 124 buildings in the same museum which was shifted from another part of the country. So few of the buildings are open to exhibiting tools of folk-arts, costumes and old traditional attires that were used on different typed of story rituals. The main attraction of this place is Carpathian village and a church of wooden, these two were brought here in 1930, but their original dating was 1792 and 1763.


Lviv Arsenal is not a cup of tea for everyone. It’s one of the unique places Lviv has as in their special mention. Arsenal has three historical buildings, in which one of them has Lviv's historical museum which represents war and weaponry items studded with precious stones like emeralds and rubies. The main attraction of this place is a weapon studded with mother of pearl. There are also numbers of blades and warrior arms which was highly valuable at that time. In this museum, the dating of these things is old around 1000 years and the items are not only collected from Lviv but there items from Italy and polish country. It is one of the best places to be with your friends and family to look at history in a different way.


And here we are at the most romantic place in Lviv called Italian Courtyard. This place is very near to the market square of Lviv. There is noise in the market square, but according to the old architectural norms, there will be only three windows on the facade. So you can have much privacy here with your partner or spouse. As architecture wise this place is an eye treat for people who visiting here for the first time, and in the most cases, a tourist spends their whole evening here by sipping Lviv's best-filtered coffee and enjoy this with some in-house jazz concert and Traditional theme-based performances. You can not only enjoy the dance and coffee here but this place is a museum too so let your mind grab some knowledge here. 

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