National Square in Bishkek is one of the famous public gathering spaces. This place has one of the best public parks and during august the whole park filled with so many varieties of flowers. People used to come here in day as well in night even if you ever had a word with locals they will tell you that Bishkek is one of the safest areas to as there is less crime. It’s a good place to hang out with your family and friends mostly at day. 


Issyk Ata Gorge, located roughly 80 kilometres from Bishkek, is crowned on mountains, which the higher you go, become spectacular alpine meadows. Streams and riverbeds cut through the bottom of the gorge, where you can also discover some waterfalls. However, the most prevalent features in the gorge are the hot springs which is said to have good healing properties that help to treat a number of chronic diseases. There you will find a resort nearby as well as a 2nd – 7th century stone carving of a Buddha healer, further adding to the belief that the spring has real healing powers that were recognized even centuries ago. Issyk Ata Gorge is one of the best places of interest in Bishkek. It’s said that once there was a young woman who bathed in the springs every day and with time while her friends grew old, she remained young, all credit goes to the water’s miraculous powers. There was also an Uzbek shaman that lived as a hermit nearby springs since years, after the death of her family that was well-known for her healing capabilities. The power of the waters and the people living around it has attracted both Turkic nomads and Russian colonialists over the course of history and continue to pull people today.


Supara is a unique place that best addresses the meaning of the word “Jailoo”, where eye catches the fantastic valley, snow-capped peaks of the majestic mountains, which are visible on the horizon. Running Mountain River at the foot of the mountain slopes located interspersed with alpine meadows and forest belts of juniper, pine, larch, birch, rowan and numerous species of shrubs. Activities at resort include, Horse Riding, Hiking, ATB Bikes, Snow Tubing, Ski Lift.

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