Chorsu Bazar comes under the most visited place of Tashkent. It is part of the most attracted place of Tashkent. Well, initially this market is located in the old town of Tashkent and is an amazingly authentic view of Uzbekistan’s life. The whole place is full of various types of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and authentic spices in the food section market. But apart from food items, you can also see the line of garments like jackets and handlooms good for home decoration. And the best part is if you are a tourist then chances of bargaining are really good here because the seller wants to mainly is to attract more consumers. This market is easy to reach from the Tashkent metro station and for people who are good photographers can click some pictures here as this place is photogenically awesome. It’s opened around 8 am-6 pm.


There is a famous Botanical Garden in Tashkent which offers you a great view with a fresh atmosphere. This is one of the fantastic places to stop by and simply enjoy your day as a tourist. Botanical Garden of Tashkent has around 5000 trees, wild and fragrant flowers, shrubs, vineyard and other classified plant species which are already divided into 5 different categories as these plants belong to various geographical sections of the world. But still, you should go there because this is the oldest and largest botanical garden in Tashkent. Just like most of the museum this garden is also closed on Monday. It opened for a whole week from 10 am-5 pm. Also if you want a private tour for this you have to mark this thing in your tour plan in advance.


Lal Bahadur Shastri monument at Tashkent is one of the main landmarks in city. Lal Bahadur Shastri is one of the respected personalities who not only contributed for the welfare and development of India but he also left his mark in Tashkent. It is here that, with the involvement of USSR, and then Prime Minister Shastri and President Ayub Khan of Pakistan signed a statement to begin trade and economic relations between the two countries.


People who love art in the form of dance can enjoy a show at Navoi Theater. Here you can enjoy one of the best ballet dances of Tashkent tour. They probably showed up the schedule on the window outside the ticket corner. They have both things Ballet dance and Russian dance, but they usually showed ballet dance most of the time. Pro tip: go here in a formal dress, so you don’t feel like you are out of this place. Just come here in advance at least half an hour before so you can explore the lovely wall paintings and ceiling with chandelier. This place is becoming really awesome at night when it’s all light up. There is a fountain in Navoi Theater where you can enjoy your evening walk and go for a few photo clicks. A place like this will please you with great music and exotic shows.


Khast imam has both museums and madrasas and its located in the center of Tashkent. The question is what are you going to find here? Well, Khast Imam has the world’s oldest Qu’ran. It’s a place worth checking out from inside as well from the outside. Pro tip: Khast Imam is really good to click some best tour pictures of all time. From here in khast imam, you can take a look at or simply walk in old Tashkent town and enjoy your Tashkent tour. It is to believe that if you have real faith, then you will probably relate yourself with the spiritual deity. This place will surely give you the vibe of old Tashkent. Around morning to the afternoon, you may feel the heat of the sun, but that will be the best time to explore this place because then you can have some best tour photos.


Minor Mosque Well, this “Marble Marvel” makes you fall in love and reminds you of the Taj Mahal from India in Tashkent Tour. You will surely love a sunset evening here. This mosque is a proof of true Uzbekistan beauty.  When you will there, you will actually forget about the time. Because of the positive vibes, this place has. The whole Islamic architecture is so phenomenal that you may barely blink your eyes. The prayer hall here is spectacularly embellished with “Mihrab” (a thing that shows the direction towards Mecca) and a beautiful ceiling. After that, you can take a walk for Minor Metro through the nearby Cemetery area which is also the part of Minor Mosque area. There is also a canal-side which gives you calm that a tourist always searching for.


Navoi Park is best for the travel escape that we all want on a trip. See an escape that can be measured on the terms, in what kind of mood you are? Some people love to party, some want to take photos and only photos, some want peace of mind! Well, you can get that in Navoi Park. Although Uzbekistan is a good place for a traveler, it’s the summer that is not so good. This park has quite green and shady trees. So here you can sit for a while and have a look at statues in the park, but a pro suggestion is to lay down for a while. You can also enjoy authentic Uzbek dishes here in nearby restaurants like Manti and Shashlik. Even you can shop for something from the nearby street stalls. You can enjoy it here on your picnic day.


The Museum of Applied Arts has marked popularity with the locals as well as tourists. This museum is also known as the museum of handicrafts. All the artists from Uzbekistan have submitted their work here. It was opened in 1930, from then this place becomes everyone’s favorite. You can clearly find out that categories of craft have been divided on the bases of dates, artist and craft type. There are paintings and other artistic pieces from the 19th century on the basis of modern artwork, classic craftsmen’s method, and then ancient history art. The Museum of Applied Arts also has two gift shops from where you can purchase some awesome artwork done by newcomer artists. You can buy paintings, jewelry, handicraft carpets, and some souvenir. In short deion, this museum is a really beautiful part of your Tashkent tour visit.


Around 375m-tall T.V. tower in the whole Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It can be easily seen from all over the town. T.V Tower is the pride of Tashkent and has been in the top ten favorite spots in Tashkent. On 100 meters there is a tourist spot deck from here you can see the whole city. Nice gardens are around with river flowing, it is a good scene for some outside reading and photography on spot. But the most important thing is you have to bring your passport here if you want to buy a ticket. On 100 meters you can only have the view of the city, but photos are strictly forbidden, well you can click some outside of the tower. Most of the tourists want to go on the upper level of the tower that is 220 meters, but here you have to pay a particular price that simply depends upon how much time you want to explore this place.


AMIR TEMUR SQUARE one of central Asia’s most famous warrior is Amir Temur, who represents history from borders of china to turkey. This defeater lived the greatest life in history. There is a theory from historians that Amir Temur was very near to defeat the prince of the Chinese empire of that time. Here in Tashkent, there is a statue square on the name of him. There is hotel Uzbekistan behind the statue of Amir Temur, a quintessential example of soviet architecture. In the afternoon you visit this place and have some coffee and lunch at roadside restaurants honestly this square area is full of life. In the evening you will see another side of this square when skaters come here for street fun and some small stall owners who have been selling stuff toys and candies for a long time. People in Tashkent are really good at hospitality services.


Mega Planet Mall is the first as well as the trendiest hypermarket in Uzbekistan. It's famous because of its unique structure, the exterior of the building is the bright result of foreign architects. While entering the Mall, anyone can easily see that here everything is well-organized. The ground floor there is a supermarket which mostly concentrates on groceries like fruits, veggies, etc. The first floor contains the variable offering high quality imported products, fashion boutiques. The second floor is thoroughly at the disposal of kids. Fully furnished playgrounds and slot machines for children never let young visitors get bored. Various cafes and the 3D cinema are shown, only the latest movies, positioned on the upper stages of the hypermarket.


On your trip to Tashkent, you can plan a guided trip to the mountains in the Chimgan area and Charvak lake. This place is terrifically heaven and delightful, Chimgan mountains and Charvak lake belong to the Ugam Chatkal National Park. One of the largest National Parks in Uzbekistan There is no need to say that this day was one of our most pleasant in Uzbekistan. You can continue the tour with local mountain guides and the trip was really great. The Chimgan mountains are one of those places to visit in Uzbekistan where you will find pristine alpine meadows and ski resorts. You can't find a weekend getaway on the trip better than this! 


The monument of Courage is dedicated to the earthquake happened in 1966. This is still one of the most prestigious monuments in today's city. At 5:24 a.m. on 26 April 1966, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.3 shook the entire city. That earthquake was horrendously strong. Half of the people in the city lost their homes and had to live in tents. The place where the monument of courage was constructed is the epicenter of the earthquake. Tourists specially visit this place during their trip to Tashkent. This monument is a representation of how a man saving his woman from nature's deadliest form.