Another gem of Tbilisi is the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, part of the Mtskheta town of Georgia to the northwest side of Tbilisi. It is the second-highest followed church after Holt Trinity Cathedral. This is also remarked by UNESCO under its world heritage site. This all happened because it is said that Jesus’s robe was buried here in this church’s Ciborium. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral was built between 1010 and 1029 here, Sveti means "pillar" and tskhoveli means "life-giving" or "living". This church is also part of Georgian orthodox churches. By visiting this church, we are sure that you will see the best of Tbilisi at once. This whole area around the church looks like paradise beauty and gives you a serene view of nature and spiritual being in one place. It will give you that calm that you have been searching for.


Around 6th century-old Georgian orthodox church and part of a world heritage site by UNESCO. Jvari Monastery is a prime example of a medieval-era church, that is present in the modern era too. It’s located on the top of the Jvari mount with the junction of two rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. This monastery has two entrances and ancient style semi-circular dome with a cross above of it. This church is not like a modern cathedral church that has two-three domes over it. Over the year this church suffered damage and erosion, but in 2004 Jvari was part of World Monuments Funds. The best thing is that this monastery attracted so many pilgrims. It looks like that the temple is coming out of that market. Everyone who has reached the top of the mountain always comes with a smile. Jvari Monastery is the epitome of Georgian architecture. There is a reason why this place has a special place in Tbilisi’s top attraction.


Holy Trinity Cathedral, there are plenty of churches in Tbilisi, Georgia. It’s like you will find them nearby you. But one of the most famous church is Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, which also known as “Sameba”. This whole giant church was fully constructed in 2004 here we can easily assume that there is no sign of history with this church like most of the churches have in Tbilisi. But still, this church has absolute detailed work in its form. This church comes on 3rd largest orthodox cathedral in the whole world after the Saint Isaac´s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Tourist especially visits this place, only because of its beautiful architecture and lovely view. The whole church painted in beige color, except dome which is in golden yellowish color. This church itself is a landmark in Tbilisi.


What if I tell one thing Georgia and India have in common! Then? Clock Tower of Tbilisi introduces a puppet show. We all know the puppet show is the specialty of Indian Folklore culture. There is a famous artist name Rezo Gabriadze. This guy is a true gem he’s a screenr and puppet-maker artist. Around noon and 7 pm, there is a show you can watch named “The circle of life” which is really appreciated by the crowd that it’s still going on every day at the same time. Also, every hour there is an angel come out of the clock with a hammer and strike it on the clock. There are small café and eat-out places so after that show, you can grab some food to eat or you can watch that show by sitting in that café if there are fewer crowds.


A church in the old town of Tbilisi, dated around near 4th century. In the 4th century, it was a citadel but now people called it Narikala Fortress. According to the source from history, this fortress was a Persian citadel and most of the walls in this fortress built between 7th to 8th centuries. That time the whole built-up was managed by Arab rulers. But in 1827 there was huge destruction, because of Russian munitions. Inside the fortress, the church of St Nicholas was built again in 1990. If you want to visit Narikala then there are two options first, you can come through a cable car ride from Rike Park from there you can enjoy the view of Tbilisi. The second way is to take a walk from the maiden bazaar. This fortress is the heritage of Georgia and people have huge faith in this place. As a tourist, you will love to be part of this fortress for a day because the view of the city and vibes in the atmosphere are good.


Mtatsminda Park, this park is 3rd most visited park in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Locals called this park pride of Georgia. This park has a fabulous merry-go-round, funicular, the huge Ferris wheel at the edge of the mountain. From that Ferris wheel, you can see the whole city. Well this park situated on the highest point of Tbilisi, so this thing makes this place more special. Plus, the point is Tbilisi Funicular, which connects Chonkadze Street and Mtatsminda Park. For tourist Tbilisi Funicular and Giant Ferris wheel is the main center of attraction. Ferris wheel at least takes 10-15 minutes for one round, that one round is literally the golden minute when you see the whole city from that much high. The Soviet government founded this park in 1930, since then this park comes under most visited tourist spot.


Metekhi Church is the landmark of Tbilisi. This church has a lot of visitors every year. It’s around 12th-century old church and its architect based on the theme of middle age church. Most of the churches were the same as an architect at that time. The cliff of this church relates to the Mtkvari River. There is a famous legend story which is related to 8th-century saint Habo, people said that the cliff of this church is the place of Habo’s martyrdom. There is a small church in his honor has been made at the foot of the cliff. This church belongs to ancient history hence, it has gone under reconstruction so many times, but that spirituality of this place remains the same since then. At night this place light by city lights and then the whole place become so serene that you never want to go home or even to your hotel.


Rike Park is a space full of happiness and lively people everywhere. This place is a vital and famous part of Tbilisi. Here you will see everything from pools to fountains, a big chess board and plenty of seats to sit. There is a famous quote “when in the park, the conversation can happen” well this is true. Here in Rike Park, you can do whatever you want you can start a conversation with your family or friends and make it a mini picnic trip. Also, at the fountain place, which is a favorite place of traveler, where they enjoy photo sessions a lot. For best traveling experience you may come during the summer season because that time in evening people gathered here to celebrate ‘fountain dancing’, which is fully enjoyed with local theme music and light show. Rike Park is not just a park but a special place to feel the summer at its best.


Peace Bridge is the most attracted place in Tbilisi. It's established over the Kura river of Tbilisi and it made in a bow-shape. It’s specifically illuminated with LED lights. There are some famous bridges in the world like a lock bridge from Paris, then Bridge of London, etc. The common thing is that these bridges are so well structured and beautifully designed. Peace Bridge here can be enjoyed as a tourist spot in the day as well as in the evening. When tourists reached Rike Park during their Tbilisi tour, The Peace bridge is connected to that park also. Even if you want to enjoy an evening here then its perfectly fine, because of the lights and river. The set up made that moment so special and romantic at the same time. The lighting of LED bulbs stats 90 minutes before sunset, the light shows basically want to reflect the magic of peace and life between the people.


When you are in Tbilisi, don’t forget to visit the museum for Art- gazers, and it’s hugely famous in the country. The art museum of Georgia around 1 lakh art piece, from ancient times to recent times. This is such a classic museum with chic architecture, it's like there is an art film running around your site that you don’t want to pause! Although there is an exhibition that runs every year, for the collections of abroad country. Do you know what is better? Taking some of the best pictures here. Museums of Tbilisi, Georgia are full of art pieces, Jewellery, paintings, and metalworks. There is a reason why local calls this place treasure of Tbilisi, it's indeed a national treasure of Georgia.