This temple is first built around 1st century, a temple of Greco-roman religion and part of the garni village. This temple was built pre-Christianity and follow pagan festival every summer when people come here for the blessing. Garni temple is basically famous for its structure, where pillars of this temple shows that temple is very ancient in its form and tells the story of culture before Christianity changed the picture of world. This place is surrounded by mountains and grass field, which surely make you feel like you are in a place called heaven. Garni village is in the east of Yerevan around 20km. you can come here by car. 


A monastery half craved from the mountain and listed under the UNESCO world heritage site. Geghard Monastery is pride of Armenia. It’s built or found around the 4th century. This monastery surrounded by spectacular cliffs and trees is one of the magnificent works of medieval era. Tourist also comes here to see the Azat River, which is really common. This monastery is the part of pagan cult following too. At tend of the road, here you will find vendors selling sweet bread and dried sheets of fruits, some souvenir. You may found some group of musician who will entertain you with some music. 


A religious complex which is located near to the Lake Sevan and this place is not far from the Sevan town. People come to visit this place not only for Sevenavank Monastery but also for the Sevan Lake, this is the reason this is the most visited place in Armenia. The best thing about this place is that it’s a place for perfect picture and view at the same time. It’s true that Armenia is the place where you can not only see but feel godlike structures which blow your mind by with their ancient beauty. 


This place is an ultimate tourist spot for the adventure activity in snow sports. It is above the town of Tsaghkadzor of kotayk province.  The Tsaghkadzor town is around 1750 m above the sea level and this Ski Resort firstly built around soviet times. But that time the snow lifts and other sports related activities was only for the Olympics athletes for their practice. Later the old lifts were replaced with new and some other changes have been done to make this place into a ski resort. Now the lifts are 1969 m above from the sea level and best for eye view ride. But how can you miss the main course that is Ski and Snowboarding for which you have to pay some rent. There are cafes on the foothills of the mountain, so you can have some freshly brewed coffee. 


Lake Sevan is one of the best destinations to visit in Armenia for Armenians who love to spend their hot summers in the area relishing the sandy beaches and cool waters. Elsewhere, in the more remote parts of the country, snaky roads surrounded by snow-topped mountains lead up to enormous, lonely monasteries set in some magnificent scenic locations where meeting other tourists or travellers is a rarity, but not here. With Lake Sevan taking up over 5 of Armenia’s surface, there’s much more to explore on its extensive shores. A little peninsula, which was once an island, is home to a 9th century Armenian Church named Sevanavank along with the curious Noratus cemetery and solitary Hayravank monastery are also nearby by.


The high-level Victory Bridge dates from 1945, is 200m long and 34m above the river and located at city Yerevan. The four arches of the 1679 bridge, which are 80m long and 11m above the river, can be seen to the south direction of Victory Bridge. The central two arches across the river itself the smaller side ones formerly crossed irrigation canals. In spring, when everywhere you can see greenery and the poppies flowering, driving or walking in the gorge is really awesome, but in the summer season it can be hot. Restaurants and cafes have taken over one section of the gorge but, gratefully, much remains unspoiled. Checkout Yerevan tour package now and book your incredible trip with Central Asia Guided Tours.


Vernissage is a big open air market or you can say a gallery which offers traditional Armenian jewellery, beautiful handicrafts, designer bags, souvenirs, and many other items. Here one can buy t-shirts, hats with typical Armenian pattern. Even this is one of the favourite shopping zones of Armenians. While booking Yerevan tour package keep in mind that visiting Vernissage is a full day excursion tour which brings you one step closer to Armenian culture and traditions. Even if you leave the place with empty hands, which is quite impossible, at least you will get a good picture of country's culture.


Settled in a peaceful valley, this captivating Armenian monastery may have been saved from Mongols thanks to the eyes of God. The centuries-old Armenian monastery known as Noravank is a hauntingly conserved religious compound sitting in a picturesque valley. While booking Armenia tour package do not forget to add this monastery in your sightseeing list.


The Khor Virap (meaning deep dungeon), is a one of the most popular monasteries in Armenia. It stands before the snow-capped edges of Mount Ararat offering an outstanding view of the mountain, the national symbol of Armenia. It is the place where Grigor Luisavorich (St. Gregory the Illuminator) was imprisoned for about 13 years. This initiated the conversion of the king and the country of Armenia into the first officially Christian nation in the world in the year 301. To this day you can visit the underground space where he was imprisoned, located in the nonde St. Gevorg Chapel apart from the main church.

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