Azerbaijan Tour Packages

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Welcome to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, a country that was the former soviet republic, is surrounded by great Caspian Sea and huge Caucasus mountains. Billing itself as the 'Land of Fire, you can notice the holy essence of fire in their monuments, centre showpiece from flame tower to Ateshgah temple, then Yanar Dag (the burning mountain). It’s an ancient saying that says a place which have sacred fire land, is blessing of god. Azerbaijan's new easy visas, standard to luxury best valued hotels, customized Azerbaijan tour packages, and beautiful landscapes are attracting significant flows of tourists.

Travellers from different parts of the world visit this country to see these valuable fireplaces; Can you imagine this is all happening in 21st century. Azerbaijan restores people’s faith in nature and religion which is different from their own religion. Even flames are national symbol here. You must come here as a visitor because Azerbaijan’s eternal fire is waiting for you to spread some of it through that sacred atmosphere.

Why you Should Visit Azerbaijan?
Countries which are part of Eastern European region are fabulously beautiful in view, with stunning landscapes which attracts most of the tourists. In Azerbaijan you will find wonders of ancient heritage, there you can see one of the best mosques and monuments. Not only this but stunning forest, mountains, caves and much more.

Best Time to Visit Azerbaijan?
The best time to visit Azerbaijan is April to June and September to October, because at this time you can majorly avoid the heat of 40°C summers and windy winters - particularly in the mountains. You can also plan Azerbaijan tour at the time of the Novruz Bayrami celebrations which happens every year in March, which marks the Persian New Year.

Main Cities in Azerbaijan

1. Baku

Baku is Azerbaijan’s capital with plenty of Soviet genes floating half-hidden in the background. There are few cities in the world which are growing very quickly and nowhere else it is happening in Caucasus, Yes Baku it is, where East and West blend seamlessly. It remains filled with tourists throughout the year as it has a lot to offer in terms of picturesque views. Baku has two sides to visit, one is old Baku and second is Baku, the city of 21st century. From ancient fire temples to urbanised Baku boulevard. Then also serving one of the best night outs in the whole country. Baku is the ultimate choice of travellers, usually remain on top in the list of the most popular destinations.
2. Gabala 

Gabala is another amazing city of Azerbaijan, one can plan a 1-day Gabala city tour to grab a panoramic view of the whole city. Gabala has rope way to Tufandag where you can enjoy breezy winter wind in summers too, that area is surrounded by Caucasus mountains. Apart from that you may visit beautiful lake of Gabala named lake Nokhur and the waterfalls. Gabala is marked as ground for oldest places like ancient town Kabalaka, hardly 15km away from Gabala. This whole tour can be finished in a day. 

3. Sheki

Sheki is one of the most ancient yet alluring cities of Azerbaijan. Archaeological findings indicate that the city might be one of the oldest towns in the Caucasus, and the revealed pieces in its territory is more than 2,500 years old. The city is situated 675 m above sea level in the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus and around 370 km away from Baku. The area around the city is a truly natural wonder with gorgeous landscapes, mineral water springs, forests and rivers. When you are on Silk route tour this city was a stop off on the Silk Road and was admired for pristine silks and diverse materials.
What to Eat in Azerbaijan?
Here you will find most of the locals eating Plov which is treated as their special dish. it is a meat rice dish, like Biryani in some way to and its available in both veg and non-veg versions. Kebabs of Azerbaijan are one of the best in this world. Tourist mostly attracted towards the Kebabs dishes, even as a starter. For sugary delights you can find Halva in solid shape of rectangular bars. It is available in most of the restaurants of Sheki. Pitti which is another famous dish of Sheki a lamb which is stoked in vegetable stock, typically served in clay pots. Dovga a highly famous yoghurt soup with rice and delicious herbs gives another level of food coma. 
How to Get Around in Azerbaijan?
There are plenty of options, but it all depends where you first begin? Usually in Azerbaijan tour firstly starts with old city of Baku, where you can go by bus or hire a car. It's like a day tour. Then next day you must reach Baku modern city where you go with the help of mini tourist bus or private car. Mostly people who are part of group tours they travelled through minibus, but for solo travellers you can hire private car, or use underground services of Baku, trams, minibuses. 
Activities to do in Azerbaijan
Discover Baku’s famous monuments like Maiden Tower, Palace of shirvanshahs. These sites marked by UNSECO under the world heritage site. Maiden tower which was made in 12th century, and this monument is hidden gem of Azerbaijan. But first start your tour with old city of Baku. Old city is well renovated and full of art. When you walk through the cobblestone street you will fall in love with Baku’s old town. Baku boulevard is place full of leisure activities you can go to Baku’s eye or Ferris wheel of Baku. From there you may the whole view of Baku city. You can plan one day tour at Gobustan and check the mesmerising look mini mud volcanoes.