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Welcome To Baku

Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku is the largest scientific, cultural and industrial center with plenty of Soviet genes floating half-hidden in the background. At its heart, the UNESCO-listed Old City (ancient part of Baku) lies within a strikingly crenelated arc of well protected fortress walls. Around this are elegantly illuminated stone mansions and pedestrianized tree-lined streets where you will find many exclusive boutiques. In the last decade, numerous towers have flourished, replacing tatty old Soviet apartment blocks. Some of the deluxe new builds are jaw-dropping masterpieces. Checkout Baku Tour Packages now and get ready for magical Baku trip.

The city of Baku is actually full of surprises for tourists even though it may not appear so at first. The country’s history is awfully interesting and describes the reason why the diversity exists in Azerbaijan today. In addition, there you will encounter many American and British emigrants currently calling Baku home. Baku tour should be in your Azerbaijan itinerary and it is cool to meet different people from different countries, living at one place.

The main language in Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani but Russian is secondary language which is commonly used in Baku. The streets are pretty chilly with cold breeze in the early mornings. The food in Baku is also very unique and tasty and the restaurants tend to be underground and are shaped up into little cave-like sections.

If you are on Baku tour, do not miss to visit any of the following places:

Shirvanshahs’ Palace, The Maiden Tower, Martyrs’ Lane And Flame Towers, City Boulevard, History Museum, Mud Volcanoes, Heydar Aliyev Center, Ateshgah Temple, Gobustan National Park And Yanar Dagh. These are the main tourist attractions of Baku.

If you are the one who love to spend leisure time with nature then here is the list of some best Baku beaches, free from pollution. Shikhov Beach, Crescent Beach, Bilgah Beach, Amburan Beach Club and SeaZone Beach Baku.

Nightlife in Baku is awesome; at night the windy capital turns into a kaleidoscope of dynamically varying scenes, with the capacity to entice anyone into the swirl of evening entertainment. Here, on the shores of the Caspian Sea, you can catch one of the popular night clubs in the region, and stars from all around over the world, who flock here to perform on the stage of the “Crystal Hall”.

Top 10 Attractions in Baku:

Maiden Tower: - Maiden tower is around 12th century old tower in the old city of Baku and comes under top attraction of Baku. This site already marked by UNESCO under world heritage site. There are some local stories about this place, some say it was place of worship for Zoroastrianism culture and some says it was a watch-tower. All in one this place is a worth visit if you are planning you Baku tour, because even in 2019 this tower standing as a legend to welcome you.                     
The Ateshgah or "Fire Temple of Baku":- Ateshgah temple or Temple of fire, this temple was used for the worship of fire, similarly done in Hindu, Sikh and Zoroastrian culture. When you visit this holy place you will surely feel the spiritual vibes here. This temple was officially opened for people in 1975, from then people started to give it a visit and this place is also comes under UNESCO, world heritage site. This place still maintains its position under top attraction in Baku.
National Flag Square: - This place once was a record holder in Guinness world record for tallest flag pole. National flag square serving as Baku city’s pride and surrounded by stairs and green gardens and trees. Flow of wind is really great here, and mostly this place is a good spot for picture session during Baku tour. It’s usually comes under leisure visit. But if you really want to enjoy a sunny-windy day, then this is the best place to be the part of. For this reason only flag square remains under Baku’s top attraction.
Fountain Square of Baku:- Fountain square is a meeting area where people meet for any sort of engagements like business meetings, lunches, shopping or even for book reading under the tree or which are present in fountain square; this place comes under Top of attraction Baku tour, mainly in top five. This spot hugely enjoyed by young couples and solo travelers, because it has options to please all.
The Flame Towers: - If you look at from Baku bay in evening, Flame Tower literally looks like burring flame, swirling easily. The tallest of three towers is around 182 meters is any eyeful attraction in Baku. Well this tower at evening just lights up the arena with the colour of fire. It is a known fact that many people worship fire as god, this could an enormous representation of fire in a form of three standstill skyscrapers.

Baku Boulevard: - Around 3.4 Km near the Caspian Sea, started from Baku’s National flag square and ends at the freedom square of Baku. Baku Boulevard also has one of best amusement park which is eye of attraction in Baku. This place also has several café, bar and dining places for good food. But the special catch is Ferris wheel; kids really enjoy this part the most in whole trip. For them it’s a picnic that never going to end.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum: - A museum building rolled in a carpet shape, is enough reason to explore that place. The carpet museum of Azerbaijan was initially founded in 1969 and became world’s only carpet museum. While booking Baku tour package must include this in your itinerary. You will surely get snippets of best carpets in this museum and become a little closer to Azerbaijan’s culture. This whole representation has been done to promote the sale of Azerbaijan’s carpet. Carpet museum usually attracts those people who are genuinely interested in culture and décor. 

Nizami Street: - The Nizami Street was named after famous poet of 12th century Nizami Ganjavi. The street itself is an art treat for traveller, and became most attracted spot in Baku. There’s always rushed on this street even if it’s a bright sunny day. The ancient structure is so magnificent and light up in with chandelier at evening it’s a perfect spot for a selfie and shopping!

The Palace of the Shirvan Shahs: - It is located in inner city of Baku. This place have had a history of around 15th century and it has been told by UNESCO that this place is true gem of Azerbaijan and best example of Azerbaijan’s architect. This place has a mosque, palace and burials vaults, which making this place top attraction in Baku. When you are here, you may feel subtleness in the air, as people and this place both are really precious and local people here very kind. 
Nightlife in Baku: - In case of enjoying nightlife in Baku this place have lot of things to offer you. First Baku is situated close to the Caspian Sea so you may go through that night by watching seashore and star view. Also this place is very popular for a night out in bars, clubs and some roadside bistros the vast majority of the cafés are here can give you a vintage vibe as they are in the state of a cavern. In any case, you may pick shaking live shows and DJs scratching music sound in Baku's city closest club.