Kazakhstan Tour Packages

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Welcome to Kazakhstan

Located in the heart of Central Asia, embraced by Russia on its northern border and China to the east, Kazakhstan is vast. The 9th largest country in the world has truly diverse landscapes, a fascinating history and a culture rich enough to compete any destination worldwide. Here’s all you need to know before planning your first trip to Kazakhstan.


Despite being ruled by the Mongols, and combined into the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan remains thoroughly untamed, and counted among one of the best countries to explore. As our Kazakhstan travel guide discloses, a holiday here is not about checking out big sights; it is about forging your own, completely unique escape in a land where few tourists set foot.

Why you should visit Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is a land of the wanderers – and the country’s ultramodern cities, fantastic landscapes and welcoming locals reward those who choose to explore it. Best of all, Kazakhstan is still not in list of tourists favourite destinations, so if you’re hankering after an offbeat escape, and want to avoid rush, it should be on your list.

Best Time to Visit?

The best times to visit Kazakhstan is spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) when temperatures are moderate. In July and August, don’t ever think of visiting, as you will find it hot, hot and hot (reaching 40°C), while in winter the temperature drops to -43°C at the chilliest.

Main cities of Kazakhstan?


Once the nation’s capital, Almaty still sprinkles the same charm and it is one of the favoured destinations of Kazakhs, thanks to its pleasant climate, snow-covered mountain backdrop and multicultural vibe. Modern Almaty certainly displays Kazakhstan’s wealth in its glitzy downtown streets, but more classic sights include the wooden Zhenkov Cathedral, built without nails. Take a daytrip to the Tamgaly petroglyphs – carved into the rock during the Bronze Age. Almaty is the Kazakhstan's largest metropolis, economic and financial, scientific and educational, cultural and historical, banking and industrial centre of the country. The city of thousand colours is very beautiful where you can really enjoy your stay with lively and vibrant environment, with bars and cafes.


The country's new capital Astana has climbed up fast from the northern steppe and is already a showpiece for 21st-century Kazakhstan. Name of Astana was Nur-Sultan until 2019, when it was renamed after the former president. Its skyline raises more magically by the year as landmark buildings, many of them by leading international architects, sprout along the wide boulevards in a variety of Asian, Soviet, Western, and wacky futuristic styles. Several remarkable structures are open to visitors and it's easy to get impressed by the very concept of this 'Singapore of the steppe'.

Though known for its bitter, windy winters and hot, dusty summers, Astana is a pleasant city with a young, forward-looking vibe. Kazakhstan's determined and brilliant youth are increasingly drawn here, and if you spend a few days, the capital will really begin to get under your skin, too.

Best Activities to Do in Kazakhstan?

Besides hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and horse riding, you can also ice skate on the world’s highest skating rink, 1691m above sea level, at the resort of Medeo. For those who love to do adventure skiing is the best option, and the season at Shymbulak, 25km from Almaty, lasts from mid-November until the end of March.
The sauna is a popular pastime here too. Some modern sauna complexes are equipped with billiards and even karaoke machines.

What to eat in Kazakhstan?

Food here is traditionally meat heavy. Here the special food of Kazakhs is beshbarmak, a stew (usually) made from horse meat, occasionally mutton. It is mostly served on flat pasta squares. If you get a chance to get friendly with local then you might get an opportunity to enjoy a meal at their homes (Kazakhs are very hospitable), you may be offered kumis, fermented mare’s milk, to drink. In outlying regions, this is usually replaced by camel milk. If you’re considered a special guest, you may well be offered with a sheep’s head for the main course.

However, if you’re vegetarian, this country has plenty of options to offer. Thick vegetable soups, salads and rice dishes abound. For the sweet toothed, desserts and cakes are also plentiful and delicious.

How to get around in Kazakhstan?

To explore the country’s wilder regions, pick a coach/minibus tour, or hire a car with a private driver – the latter option is costlier, but you’ll have more control over the itinerary. If you prefer to go alone, little slow but clean trains are a prevalent way of navigating Kazakhstan’s huge distances. For those wanting to get around more quickly, the domestic network of national carrier Air Astana includes services to 13 destinations throughout the country.