Moscow Tour Packages

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Welcome To Moscow

Moscow, the capital of Russia, the largest city in the country and Europe, and one of the largest cities in the world refers to global cities having a great influence on the world because of its high economic level and population. Moscow is the city of dreams which entices tourists and it is also transport hub of Russia, its political, economic, cultural, and scientific center.

Moscow tour is very much like any other European capital tour as far as its lifestyle and infrastructure are concerned, while its habitats do not differ much from those living in other metro cities, such as London and New York. That is why foreigners find it so cool to adapt to life in Moscow.

Moscow tour package always remain in tourist demand as the city has lot of entertaining and striking things to offer, there's always something going on in Moscow: performances, exhibitions, festivals, excursions, quests, concerts, marathons. You can have a great time on Moscow tour: get a bird's-eye view of the city, take drawing or guitar classes, take a boat ride down Moscow river, descend 65 m below ground to the Cold War bunker, enjoy roller skating in a park, take a tour around Moscow's bars or take part in wine tasting, or visit a maze of mirrors.

The Russian capital, Moscow is a frequent host of sporting events: marathons and competitions on a national and international scale. 

Moscow offers a good variety of restaurants and cafes. Naturally, you will find Russian cuisines at every corner. 

Moscow is famous for its exciting and lively night life. The number of night clubs, entertainment centers and discos, here is almost countless. You can also enjoy night city tour on foot or by bus and participate in a stage show in one of its museums. Checkout best Russia tour itineraries customize as per your choice and book your Russia tour package now at exciting offer price.

Most Romantic Places in Russia

Here, you will come to know about the best things to do in Moscow to take your relationship one step further. Without further ado, here is the list of the most romantic places in Russia that you can add while booking your Russia tour package. Take a look at these striking destinations:

1. Moscow City

Moscow, the capital city is best for this purpose. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. This capital has one of the highest skyscrapers which are topmost in the list of best romantic places in Moscow. You can take your partner here, and while observing the city from good height, you can plan a surprise for her. You can make your event very special and unforgettable for whole life. On the board of the skyscraper, there you will find some words written in the Russian language which means only love is above so go and explore the wonderful place.

2. Peterhof

If you would like to propose your partner in filmy style, then Russian Versailles can give you this option. It is situated near Petersburg and is one of the best romantic places in Russia for young people. You will find lot of tourists here, fountains and the greenery of this place can make you feel spellbound and leave your relationship as green as the place. The beauty of this place will leave a strong mark in your memories forever and couples are not able to forget this place and the memories built here.

3. Patriarch Ponds

The front view of this place, when observed from a distance, looks stunning, and that makes it one of the best areas. There are some amazing lively bars and restaurants in the neighbourhood where you can party and have some fun. The appearance of this place looks like Chelsea in London. There is a beautiful pond located at the centre which is a great attraction to this place.

4. Suzdal

It is positioned at a distance of 250 km from Moscow city, in the town which is famous as Golden Ring Town. It’s also commendable to add in this list due to its amazing architecture and remarkable environment. There are many dwellings made of wood, and it can give you an incredible feel like the prince of ancient time, and you can even buy th