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Welcome to Samarkand

Majestic and the second largest city of Uzbekistan, Samarkand has a marvellous and attractive power. It is situated in the valley of the river Zerafshan and the Poets and historians of that era called it "Rome of the East, The pearl of the Eastern Muslim World, The beauty of sublunary countries". Its valuable geographical site in the Zarafshan valley places Samarkand to the top position among cities of Central Asia. The history of Samarkand is approx. 2,750 years old and has seen many disturbances during the times of Alexander the Great, Genghis-Khan Conquest, the Arabic Conquest, and lastly Tamerlane's. Hence, the culture of Samarkand was established and mixed together with the Indian, Iranian, Mongolian and a bit of the Eastern and Western cultures.

Today Samarkand is the gem of exclusive antiquity spirit and it is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the plenty of material and spiritual values. Unique monuments of ancient architecture, artisans’ workshops, heritage of scientific and arts schools, are well-known around the world. From impressive Mosques and Mausoleums, to yummiest plates of plov and kebabs, Samarkand is a living museum that will surprise you with every sight and bite. There’s nothing grander and more monumental than Registan, which is exactly a huge public square, and you will find the entire square as a lively bazaar, packed with traders and goods being transported, bought, and sold from China to Arabia, all the way to the Mediterranean. Just at a distance of 10-minute walk from Registan is Bibi-Khanym Mosque, and at little distance to that is the Siab Bazaar, a large food bazaar. Plov or pulao is the national dish of Uzbekistan, and you will find different taste of Plov at every city and region. Plov is the must eat food of Uzbekistan. From the magnificent beauty of the city to the remarkable nature and attractions, Samarkand really is a historical melting pot of Uzbekistan.

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