Yerevan Tour Packages

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Welcome To Yerevan

Blessed with captivating history and colorful culture, natural attractions and historical landmarks, unique architecture and masterpieces of Ancient era, add to this the eastern hospitality of the cultured friendly locals and the glory of Armenian diverse culinary delights, Yerevan or the so-called ‘City of the Sun and Light’ is Armenia’s lively capital and the largest city, where past and present meet.

Yerevan tour package offers good number of places to visit and activities. Since Armenians are counted among one of the friendly people in the world so no tourist ever remains unhappy or feels like in a foreign country. The main sightseeing’s are particularly situated in the central part of the city and therefore, are all within easy reach. 

There you will find incredible places of interest which amazes and even cause goose bumps with their beauty and historical account are the wonderful Cascade opening the entire view of the city in front of you, the Opera House the architectural solutions of which are breath-taking, the Mother Armenia that seems to guard the city against foreign invasions, the exquisite Blue Mosque, which is the only surviving mosque in Yerevan, the Republic Square with its colorfully dancing and singing fountains and Tsitsernakaberd the peaceful hill where the Genocide Memorial can be found.

While on Yerevan tour you will encounter the lively streets all-lighted during the evening and night-time, beautiful cultural centers and museums, tea houses where the tastiest teas are served, cafes, both indoor and outdoor with smoking and non-smoking zones, karaoke clubs provided with latest technologies and restaurants offering the best barbecues and drinks as well contribute to and ensure the enticing and awe-inspiring attraction of Yerevan. The Northern Avenue, located close to the Republic Square and the Opera House is where many boutiques full of designer clothes and shoes can be found. Also, this avenue is one of the prime places where Yerevanians love to gather.

So this is Yerevan! A small yet very attractive city tranquilly lying in the Caucasus ready to amaze every visitor with its fine and marvelous views, places of interest, foods, and definitely, kind and warm attitude. Book Yerevan holiday package now with your family and friends, and be ready for wonderful trip.